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Rachael Mayne is an artist based in Auckland,  New Zealand and is known for her large, impressionistic floral paintings. As a painter and clinical psychologist, Rachael is fascinated by the inter-relationship between art, creativity, and wellbeing. Painting is a therapeutic process for Rachael and a space for self-expression, exploration and reflection. For Rachael, art conveys ideas and concepts in a way that words can’t capture. Rachael portrays emotion and feeling through the movement of fluid brush strokes and the use of bold colour; serene landscapes, bright cheerful daisy fields, and dark tangled gardens. 

Rachael is a self-taught artist and is from a family of artists and art-teachers. Since a young age, painting has always been an essential part of her existence. Rachael mainly paints with acrylic onto canvas. She draws inspiration from the colours and forms surrounding her in New Zealand’s extraordinary landscapes. Using careful layering and contrasting colour, Rachael aims to evoke a sense of depth and realism to her paintings. Paint is applied in a thick and gestural manner with the aim of creating texture and movement to heighten the sensation of being able to ‘step right in’ and immerse oneself into the scene.

Rachael is represented by the Turua Gallery in St Heliers, Please get touch with Melissa at the gallery for information about art new work and up and coming exhibitions:

Auckland -

Rachael's commission list is currently full, however, please get in touch with Rachael for information regarding future availability. 

Rachael is open to collaborations and creative projects.

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